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Artwork Sent to Homeless Families in Hawaii

Recently, Art to People had the wonderful opportunity to give artwork to homeless Hawaiian families in Honolulu, Hawaii, by working with Family Promise Hawaii! Family Promise Hawaii is an amazing organization that helps families with minor children experiencing homelessness find shelter and long-term housing. The artwork given to Family Promise Hawaii will decorate the walls of housing that homeless families stay in while transitioning into affordable housing. Research has shown that the presence of artwork in an environment has a direct affect on brain's reaction to anxiety, depression, stress, and even pain. We hope to use art to provide a positive and healing environment for all people in need, including homeless people in Hawaii and we are so happy to help people who are so close to our home and heart!

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​Art to People is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to send free art and art supplies to people in need to provide them with a creative emotional outlet and the ability to heal and grow through art!


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